Empowering women – whose tune do you dance to?

Article by Sharon Sully, from TemptationDirect.com So recently I decided to start playing the piano – could I read a...

Burlesque Bible Empowerment Lingerie Offer Underwear

London below presents...London's new alternative shopping destination!‏‏

"Welcome to London Below - London's Other Underground. Following on from the launch event in August, London Below returns to...

Burlesque Bible Events Fairs Workshop

Fashion design with design for performance - PART 2

In issue 11, we followed three students from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Find below part 2 with student...

Burlesque Bible Costume designer Costumes Underwear

Behind the scenes with our cover girl, Chrys Columbine

The photoshoot took place on Sunday 22nd March. We had to wait nearly 8 months to share those photos with...

Behind the scenes Burlesque Bible Chez Titine Chrys Columbine Red Burlesque Vintage hair

Interview preview with the legendary Tempest Storm

To read the full interview, get the latest Burlesque Bible issue (Volume 13)

Burlesque Bible Interview Tempest Storm

Neil Kendall and the burlesque Legacy

Burlesque Bible visits the pop-up museum of Striptease at the Big Burlesque Event 2015 and Interviewed Neil Kendall, the owner of the...

Burlesque Bible Burlesque Museum Diane Ross Interview Lady Godiva Neil Kendall Striptease Museum Video

"Burlesque Bible, a piece of art" says Tempest Storm

Editor Helene Phillips finally met with the legendary Tempest Storm for an exclusive interview in Blackpool. The interview took place at...

Burlesque Bible Events Interviews News Tempest Storm

Exclusive offer for BB readers

Burlesque Bible managed to negotiate an exclusive deal for its readers. If you like burlesque and love baking, you may...

Burlesque Bible Cake News Offer Tutorial Vintage

Marilyn Monroe, The Diamond Dust Collection

Castle Galleries welcomes a collection that I am sure you all want to hear about: STAR DUST. "Acclaimed artist Simon Claridge brings...

Burlesque Bible Fashion Marilyn Monroe

Selection of Burlesque posters

It`s interesting how the advertisement industry has evolved this last decade. Posters are a bit like pictures. Cameras have involved,...

Burlesque Bible Events Shows Vintage

How to pick your burlesque name - OVER 10,000 COMBINATIONS

Burlesque Bible now has its very own website to come up with a burlesque name, or at least some suggestions...


Cheaper shipping prices

We are starting the new year with a resolution you will all agree on: Making the shipping cost to foreign...

Find your nearest burlesque club

DON’T CALL ME A NEWBIE, BABY ! So you want to perform burlesque either in the bedroom or on stage...


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