How you look in 20 shades of 'red lipstick' app

RED Lipstick is the first app to enable women to use their iPhone or iPad to take a selfie and, thanks to very clever lip tracking technology, try 20 different shades of red lipstick on. All without having to set a foot inside a cosmetics store.

1The app is the brainchild of hot new Australian cosmetics brand, RED Burlesque, who created another world first with their recent launch of a lipstick range that consists entirely of different shades of red – 20 of them – all hand-picked and named after renown global burlesque performers.

Knowing that women rarely go out on a mission to shop for a new lipstick, The RED Burlesque team wanted to develop a way for women to try a multitude of shades of red lipstick on without having to go to a multitude of stores. The thought of an app occurred and 9 months in development and testing RED Lipstick was borne.

The app has three features lipstick lovers will find indispensable: a ‘selfie’ feature that lets you take a shot of yourself, then immediately places a shade of red lipstick on your lips and allows you to see how you look in 20 different shades; ‘What’s my shade’, which guides you through a few simple questions and then tells you the perfect reds for your skin tone, skin colour and hair colour; and a makeup mirror with zoom so you can apply your lipstick with laser-like precision.

TwinShotOnce you’ve seen how delectable you look in different shades of red, you can buy and have them delivered to your door from within the app, because all the shades are available from RED Burlesque’s online store.

The RED Lipstick app is available now from the iTunes App Store for $US2.99 at https://

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