Sparkly Diamante Eyes

Tutorial by Sarah E Baldwin, Professional make up artist

Steps to create this look:

  • Prep your eyelid with an eye primer or use a small amount of concealer and powder on top.
  • Apply a light sparkly pigment or eye shadow; I used Illamasquas Loose Pigment in Tingle. Apply this all over the lid and right up to the brow bone with a shadow brush.
  • Create your desired winged effect using a pointed thin eyeliner brush (see image) I used Fashionista Gel Liner in Black.
  • Take a black eye shadow and a small brush (far left brush) starting from the end of the flick work inwards into the socket, now blend this into the socket with a large fluffy blending brush until the colour blends away nicely into the socket line.
  • Apply black liner under the lash line and blend with a cotton bud to take away any harsh lines. I used MAC eyeliner in shade Feline.
  • Apply white eyeliner on the waterline to make the eyes pop. I used Fashionista white eyeliner pencil for this.
  • Now you have your base set and your winged effect you can start sticking on the gems, I stuck mine above the liner I had applied on the lash line. Using Duo Eyelash Glue I applied a tiny amount onto the back of my hand, took my tweezers to pick up the diamante and added a little glue from the back of my hand onto the back of the diamante, try not to put to much glue on as if you do when the diamante is applied the glue will leak out from underneath. (Wait approximately 20-30 seconds for the glue to go tacky on the back of your hand before applying) Repeat this process until you have the desired effect.
  • Once you have your diamantes set you can go ahead and apply your mascara and false lashes. Once the lashes are applied remember to fill in any gaps with black gel or liquid liner to complete the look.


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