Selection of Burlesque posters

It`s interesting how the advertisement industry has evolved this last decade. Posters are a bit like pictures. Cameras have involved, pictures are better qualities but the old polaroids still have more characters.

Here is a selection of the best vintage and modern posters we've managed to find

Movie poster from Showgirl in Hollywood, 1930

Le Frou Frou 20', journal humoristique. Poster showing a can-can dancer holding a copy of "Le Frou Frou" while she dances. Date 1899.

London Burlesque Festival 2013

Paris match: The can-can comes to the US for the first time

Salon Noir. Modern poster with illustration


Burlesque Poster Design: The Art of Tease by Korero Books, Chaz Royal (Foreword by)


Cat's 45th Purrlesque Birthday Party. Minimalist artwork but so effective

BrandonRagnar - Poster for the Burlesque Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas.


Boneshaker, poster 6: Scarlett DLyte - 2011

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