Marilyn Monroe, The Diamond Dust Collection

Castle Galleries welcomes a collection that I am sure you all want to hear about: STAR DUST.

"Acclaimed artist Simon Claridge brings together a sparkling collection of stylish monochrome images of Marilyn Monroe, in a celebration of her iconic status, which marks her enduring appeal and proves that diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

The artist got the fantastic opportunity to explore Twentieth Century Fox's bank images, given him the chance to use pictures never released before. "To be able to use images from the Fox Studio archive is the closest I will ever be able to get to painting Marilyn for real", admitted Simon.

This Diamond Dust Collection has a limited run. It comprises 6 silk screens of Marilyn Monroe in black and white, with a sparkly layer of diamond dust as a symbol of the glamour and opulence of Hollywood.

The recurrent question on Simon's technique to apply the glittery diamond remains a mystery. All the artist is willing to share is that it is applied by hand. 

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