"Burlesque Bible, a piece of art" says Tempest Storm

Editor Helene Phillips finally met with the legendary Tempest Storm for an exclusive interview in Blackpool.

The interview took place at the Hilton Hotel on Friday 4th September and was arranged by Raven Noir, organiser of the Burlesque Noir show.

" I didn't want to take too much of Tempest's time but she had so many fantastic stories to tell that the interview finally lasted over 1 hour!" says Helene

Tempest Storm, always happy to remember the fantastic stories of her past, shared her adventures with our editor.

Elvis, JFK, Betty Page and Lily St Cyr were of course mentioned.

The interview will be published in the Autumn issue of Burlesque Bible, expected to be out in October.

Meanwhile, you can still read everything about the artist in the online version of Tempest Storm mini mag, now sold out on paper.

"We knew that the Tempest Storm mini mag was a real success as we sold all the copies we had, including half prior the show but I was overjoyed when Tempest asked for a few copies for herself and agreed with her manager that it was a piece of art. " says Helene.

She signed "To Helene, a great journalist. Love. Tempest Storm"

The Burlesque Bible team would like to thank Raven Noir for the fantastic opportunity and for her warm welcome the entire weekend, despite a very busy schedule and a show to produce.

Read our Burlesque Noir review in the upcoming issue of Burlesque Bible

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