Empowering women – whose tune do you dance to?

Article by Sharon Sully, from www.temptationsdirect.co.uk

So recently I decided to start playing the piano – could I read a single note of music? Did I know my bass clef from my treble? Could I find middle C? No, no and no. Did that stop me from giving it a go and getting over my fear of starting something new? Well nearly to be honest and being a busy businesswoman, wife and mother meant that I was already starting to panic about when I would actually fit in the lessons let alone the practice!

Casting aside any barriers, (that we always seem so keen to put in our way before we even start I might add) I set off on this new little journey and I’m starting to feel somewhat proud and accomplished with myself. Taking some time out of your hectic schedule as a busy lady to find something that’s totally for you is enlightening. And trying something completely new makes you feel exhilarated and empowered as an individual.

Ok so I know we’re not talking about anything as thrilling as sky-diving or bungee jumping here. However, other things in my life seem eminently more achievable and new tasks aren’t anywhere near as daunting.

Perhaps the next step is to try a beginner’s burlesque class? Women who start their burlesque journey with a beginners’ class start to feel confident and empowered under the guidance and support of a teacher and with a range of beginners burlesque classes available nationwide what would be stopping anyone to give it a go? [Burlesque Bile's new upcoming directory –The glittery pages –will list all worldwide classes, so stay tune.]

Yet treading into new territory still feels like quite a leap for many women. The same goes for women who are keen to try out something new with their partner sexually too. Taking control into your own hands is an absolute turn on for any guy who is usually left expecting to second guess what it is that we actually want them to do, where our ‘oh yes’ spot really is and at what speed and style of stimulation might lead us to climax.

So what would make you make feel empowered to the point where you could visualise yourself dancing burlesque style in a sexy and sensuous way revealing a different side to your personality that need not be so hidden? Well, it all starts by taking steps in our lives to regain control. By putting on a little show or strip tease for your partner you are taking control and power firmly in your own hands and ultimately sets loose the devil within when it comes to turning up the heat in the bedroom.

Before any of that starts though what you need to be doing is clearing your mind and life of anything toxic that stands in the way of you releasing your true spirit? And once you’ve started this journey many women also find that doing something a little risqué boosts their confidence even more.

5 steps to start empowering yourself

1. Empowered women make self-care a top priority. If your own energy supply is in short supply you will run out of steam before you even start. Healthy diet, regular exercise and starting a new hobby will give you a clearer body and mind.

2. Empowered women also know that it’s ok to close energy-sucking cycles in life – find a way to dump the unnecessary. Free your time and mind up for positive people and activities that will actually give you more energy rather than suck you dry of it!

3. Sexual empowerment comes from personal empowerment so learning to love and accept your body no matter what size or shape is crucial. Stand naked in front of the mirror – do not criticise, just accept. When you exercise do it because it releases endorphins that make you feel good, not because you are aiming to drop 2 dress sizes. This may end up being a very beneficial side effect but should not be the driving force behind it. Read Burlesque Bible's article in Volume 13 (Autumn 2015)


4. Repeat empowering mantras that reaffirm you are a sexual being – do this whilst looking yourself right in the eye in the mirror and repeat a few times each morning before you face the day ahead. Try “I’m a confident, beautiful and sexual woman.” or create your own that is personal to you.

5. Do more of whatever makes you feel good – do less or cut out anything else. By learning to say “no” to anything that you are not in control of in your life or sexually means you’ve empowered yourself to make the right decision that suits you best.


And once you’ve started your empowerment journey they’ll be no going back! And of course don’t forget to get yourself booked on a burlesque class and take a look at www.temptationsdirect.co.uk for the perfect sexy lingerie or couple’s sex toys that will help to release the very empowered and luscious ‘devil in you’ even more.


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