Best International Troupe... and the winner is...

Being a dance troupe is not easy. It comes with many challenges. It is like anything to be fair, more people are involved in making a decision, more difficult it becomes. When on stage, you all need to perform in sync.... but what an awesome experience to share the spotlight with someone else. And this troupe is doing it so well that you've awarded them the BEST INTERNATIONAL TROUPE TITLE:

- - - BRIEFS - - - 

The Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective who manufacture, cultivate and present evocative physical performance. The company pays homage to the traditions of circus, the extremities of physical theatre, the artistry of drag, the guts of burlesque, the imagery of theatre, the debauchery of speakeasies and the showmanship of cabaret.

The collective began in 2008 as a speakeasy in the bowels of Brisbane’s alternative variety scene initially setting out to create an informal space where professional performers could to test drive innovative, late night cabaret acts. In 2010, they transitioned from the late night performance club to a performance ensemble when the company was engaged to create it’s first ‘official’ full length work. They have been touring their work nationally and internationally ever since.

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