Every producer and events organiser will tell you: Putting on a show is HARD WORK. It's months of preparation, it is lots of worries - Will we sell enough tickets to cover our cost? Will people turn up? Will people enjoy the show? Will they come back for more?

BUT (!) despite the challenges, it is also EXTREMELY rewarding.

So to all of you out there organising shows, we salute you because we know it's not easy... and even if you aren't the winner of this category, you can be proud of what you do for the burlesque community.

So with no further due, the winner is....


Photo credits: Lada by Captured Focus photography, taken at Green Eggs and Glam. Vicky Butterfly by Nick Singleton taken at HBBF 2015 Gala.

Curious about what goes into creating a Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival? Check out our interview with Heidi Bang Tidy and Lady Wildflower in the latest Burlesque Bible issue.

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