We are always happy to receive submissions from around the world. But before you do so, please read the magazine! Reading an issue is the best way to understand what we do and publish. However we are still happy to hear new ideas and comments.

How To Submit

Please send one short story and photos (You do need the permission of the photographer.) to

Include a 40 word biography for our contributors’ page. The subject line of your email should include the word “Submission”.

If you are a photographer and wish to get your photos published, we do accept before/after photos for our boudoir section or we can also create a 'my life in burlesque' article. Otherwise, please send a story with the pictures or idea of article.

Photos submitted without a story or a before/after boudoir agreement, will not be accepted!

If we like the article, we may ask you to develop the story.
While our editor may decide to edit the article you submitted, the story will remain unchanged. Only paragraphs may be cut and some words maybe be replaced.

Requently Asked Questions

I’ve already submitted a piece to Burlesque Bible. Is it still being considered?

If you have already submitted, your piece is being considered and will receive a response in due course. Our policy is to write back to every submitter. We really appreciate your patience as we get caught up. However, if you think you have been waiting long enough, please do send us a reminder by email.

I’ve sent you some articles. Some of them have been accepted elsewhere, or I want to withdraw some from consideration. How do I go about doing this?

If you want to withdraw any individual article from consideration, please email us asap.

Do I get paid for submitting an article or do I receive a copy of the magazine?

Due to our low budget, we do not pay contributors and we cannot offer a free copy of the magazine. However, we send FREE copies to writers that we selected and contacted for a specific request. So if you are a regular writer, we will be in touch for some more work, a free subscription and sometimes paid articles.

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