12 burlesque illustrations in 12months - challenge accepted!

Marie Sann lives and works as an illustrator and graphic novelist in Berlin, Germany.



Early on in life, she discovered her enthusiasm for drawing.

In kindergarten even, she loved drawing self-confident girls with nice dresses and would create their own characters.

As well as having published two graphic novels (working on a 3rd one as we speak), she has come up with a brand new project involving her favourite subject... that we all love very much here. Yes you have guessed it: BURLESQUE ! 


The Inspiration:

"I regularly go to 20s-style parties. I love them. That's how I came across my first ever burlesque performance.", says Marie. "The way women present themselves - erotic and sensual - not as a sexual object but as a self-confident person with a healthy amount of self-irony - I just love it! ", she added.

That evening was the starting point of an exciting project that Marie wanted to share with us: Getting deeper into the burlesque world, which would inspire her in the making of some rather sexy illustrations. Drawing and dancing, the perfect combination of two creative arts.

Burlesque illustration
The Project:

"I'm glad I've finally found the time to bring this idea to life." shares Marie.

This year, the artist will draw 12 sexy burlesque artists, will all a different styles, outfits and posed. Each month, she will introduce it to her followers and will make available, a high quality print of each project. Visit her website for more information www.marie-sann.de/shopPinup.php

Burlesque illustration - Cora

All the burlesque pin-up girls are created digitally, from the first sketch to the finished picture. Marie uses Photoshop and a Wacom Graphic Tablet.

Interaction with followers:

On her Facebook page, she gives little insights on the upcoming monthly pictures. Sometimes she even leaves her followers decide between two possible sketches. The most-voted one becomes the model of the next illustration.

From drawing to a final digital illustration

"I know it! This will not be my last project that deals with the lovely topic of burlesque. I am looking forward to it - cause it's so much fun! :)" admits Marie


See Marie's exclusive video here:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariesannartist/
Website: http://www.marie-sann.de/index.php?lang=en

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