Dita Von Teese and Louboutin

2014 was a sweet year for Dita as she launched a pretty range of lingerie aimed at new mums who want to emulate her sexy vintage look. 2015 on the contrary is the synonym of a provocative year. She teamed up with the famous French shoe designer to create a raunchy underwear range. We like the sound of that here, in the office.

For this new collaboration, Dita has created a seven-piece, limited edition capsule collection which she has named XXXtian, a reference to the signature Christian Louboutin uses at the end of his emails, "Xtian".

She says: "Given the erotic nature of the print, we decided to name it XXXtian."

By the way, this picture above reminds us of Dita Von Teese's performance at the Crazy Horse, Lazy.

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