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A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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Stocking Seams & Lipstick Queens

Book Claire Seville Stocking Seams & Lipstick Queens Xmas

Claire Seville loves pinups, tattoos, glamour, glitz, dressing up, glitter, huge eyelashes, laughing her head off, and shooting lots of lovely ladies. In her first book, Claire showcases the "good girls" and "bad girls" that have graced her modern pin-up studio. Fun, sexy, beautiful images in this high-quality publication by...

Our selection of Xmas dresses

Christmas Deadly Is The Female Dresses Hollywood Glamour Vintage Vivien of Holloway Xmas

Xmas is around the corner babes and if you are looking for a vintage inspired dress for the curtain calls after your shows or for partying with friends and family, check out our selection of dresses. From romance 1950s dresses to hollywood glamour outfits, there is something for everyone. In...

Vivien of Holloway...the party is on!

Burlesque Bible Dresses Offers Vintage Vivien of Holloway Xmas

Vivien of Holloway is delighted to present an exclusive selection for your Christmas Shopping pages and shoots with festive and glamorous pieces. 1. Princess Diamante Set - 2. Grace Red Duchess - 3.  Pin-up Lips Clutch Rouge - 4.  Ruby Red Glitter Hair Flower - 5.  1950s Halterneck Luxury Red Satin Fan Lace Dress - 6.  Gold Digger...

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