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The Empire Strips back!

Australia Burlesque Show Parody R2D2 Star Wars The Empire Strips Back Wookie Wookieerotica

If you are a lover of Star Wars and a burlesque enthusiast, you are in luck. This show is for you and it’s not a trap.. keep reading! The empire strips back started in Australia in 2011 in a small bar with a capacity of 120 people under the title...

Interview with Heidi Bang Tidy, Hebden Bridge Festival's co-producer

Burlesque Awards Burlesque Show Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Heidi Bang Tidy Interview Lady Wildflower

How important is it to be recognised by the burlesque community for what you do? Very, very important. We designed Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival to be a festival for the burlesque community as much as for our non-performing audience members. We know that every year, artists who aren’t performing at...

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