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Tempest Storm: burlesque performer, singer and now star of the silver screen

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Miss Tempest Storm, is without doubt, an icon within the world of burlesque, with a career spanning decades and a youthful demeanor and zest for life that may put many half her age to shame. Whilst in Vancouver to promote her new documentary, Tempest Storm made my dreams come true by granting me an...

Interview preview with the legendary Tempest Storm

Burlesque Bible Interview Tempest Storm

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"Burlesque Bible, a piece of art" says Tempest Storm

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Editor Helene Phillips finally met with the legendary Tempest Storm for an exclusive interview in Blackpool. The interview took place at the Hilton Hotel on Friday 4th September and was arranged by Raven Noir, organiser of the Burlesque Noir show. " I didn't want to take too much of Tempest's time but...

Burlesque Bible to meet legend performer Tempest Storm

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"The longest careers as a burlesque performer, spanning more than 60 years" You must have heard of Tempest Storm but if you haven't, she is an "American exotic dancer, burlesque star and motion picture actress. Along with Lili St. Cyr, Sally Rand, and Blaze Starr, she was one of the best known...

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