From our reader: Age is just a number

Anna Nonymous 

I have been around the Burlesque world for a few years watching the performers and thinking I wish I had the body confidence to put an act together. I also thought at 51 I was too old and creaky to even consider it.

I talked with Pinky T’boo, Saph Rox, and Cerise Mae who were really supportive and didn’t laugh hysterically at my thought of doing burlesque... which is always a good start. Pinky went as far as to say I had to do it. I decided that I could and would do it and Anna Nonymous began to take shape.

I enrolled in Saph’s Art of Burlesque course and found the course and my course mates really helped with my body and mind hang ups. Never did I think I would be brave enough to walk through the bar in the Penta Hotel in a corset and a thong! But I did and I really enjoyed it. 

I am under no illusion that I will be the next Dita Von Tease and I was going to retire Anna after the new performer show. I have the bug now and love the way burlesque empowers both women and men. I also love the sense of community surrounding the burly world. I told part of my story in my first act. I suffered with horrible depression last year and our Burlesque friends showed me that life can be wonderful if you let glitter and feathers into it.

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