2016, a strong year for body confidence!

In our first issue of 2016, we announced a year of burlesque, glitter and body confidence. With the Burlesque Awards well on its way, that's the burlesque and glitter boxes ticked then! But what about the year of body confidence I hear you ask.

Whilst we aren't still quite there yet and too many women don't realise their true potential, lacking of a self-confidence they though fully deserve , the help of many is making 2016 a strong year for the body image movement, which will hopefully keep increasing through the years. 

The underwear company Tutti Rouge (we interviewed them last year), have proved that sexy underwear should still be available for bigger sizes and their models show us all that curvy ladies are, excuse my French, bloody gorgeous!

The latest Curvy Kate campaigns with the idea that everyone deserves wonderful lingerie and their new Scantilly collection is home to beautiful pieces designed for DD-HH cups. 

Events like the Curve Fashion Festival, which is the UK's largest Plus Size Event for women over size 14, comedian Luisa Omielan and actress Melissa McCarthy have helped the body positive movement. They show us that curvy women deserve to be seen. They can be powerful, they can be empowered and they should be celebrated.

Many more brands, companies and individuals have contributed to help women feel happier about their body (the list has increased in 2016 and will surely(!) keep on doing so) and whilst we can't list everyone, we had to mention, of course, the burlesque community: teachers, photographers, performers and the public who support women, whatever their size and shape.

Luisa Omielan: "My ‪#‎AmIRightLadies‬ show is funny, fresh, empowering, people really love it! I"

Fifi Von Tassel, nominee for the International Burlesque Performer Award. Her ultimate goal is to make you love yourself, one curve at the time. 

Kiki Deville, nominee for the Best Compere Award. She describes herself a woman of large 'talents'.

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