Behind the scenes with our cover girl, Chrys Columbine

The photoshoot took place on Sunday 22nd March. We had to wait nearly 8 months to share those photos with you.... We couldn't wait!

Behind the scenes for the Autumn 2015 issue (Volume 13)

In Leamington Spa for an afternoon photoshoot at Chez Titine, Vintage hair salon

Let's start the day with a warm cup of tea

Jane doing her magic and Chrys being all cute with no make-up on

The lipstick? The Chrys Columbine red lipstick from Red Burlesque Lipstick of course

And the photoshoot can finally beging, with Chameleon Couture's amazing creation and the talented Alex Johnson behind the camera

The ladies who made this happen: From left to right

Chrys Columbine, hair stylist Jane Ward, BB editor Helene Phillips, costume designer Katie-Louise Hopkins and Tasha Pang, photographer assistant



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