Happy 5th Anniversary to Burlexe!

Guess what! We've been informed that Burlexe are celebrating their 5th anniversary this year and they are very proud to say that they are still here. stronger than ever!

"We don’t know where the time has gone, but in June 2011, we ran our first series of Burlexe shows, which were a mix of striptease, song and stories of the inspiring women that have created burlesque."

The first shows ran at the Shadow Lounge in London with ( from left to right) Kiki Kaboom, Dympna Le Rasle, Javine Hylton, Jo King, Chloe Ewart and guest appearances from the burlesque scene

Five years later...
- there're still running shows both private and public
- spun off into Boylexe and This Is Burlexe
- have developed an online presence with Serena Doherty
- have their own range of clothing thanks to Tilly O'Neill and Nearer The Moon

"We have most importantly been able to work with some of the most fantastic and inspiring people, only a very few we mention above... It's been quite a romp but we're looking forward to the next five years because we're only just getting started."

Happy Anniversary from the BB Team!

For more information, visit www.burlexe.com


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