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What is it that you love most about burlesque?

I LOVE BURLESQUE because it can be a cathartic healing experience.

I LOVE BURLESQUE because there are no
limitations to the presentation of your artistry.

I LOVE BURLESQUE because you can be a gift to someone.


Our readers look up to you. So for newcomers out there, when you first started, what were you most nervous about?

I cry every time I think about the fact that someone would look up to me! Thank you to all of the readers who do. If I could give you any advice, I would tell you to remember that it’s called show BUSINESS. Don’t forget to teach yourself how to be a business oriented performer. Don’t forget to give to the
audience. Don’t be a selfish performer when you’re onstage. Give! Give! Give!

The House of Noire sounds like a fantastic new venture. Can you tell us more? How did you pick the performers who are part of it?

The casting of the House of Noire was deliberate. I saw something in each gem at the audition. I saw myself at different paths of my life. I want to create a legacy and more opportunities to give back to the community.

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