The 1st Annual Burlesque Awards: The results

Wooww... what an evening we had at the 1st Annual Awards. There was everything one can wish to see at a burlesque show: A fantastic panel of judges, original awards, an electric atmosphere, a gorgeous venue, an array of astonishing performers 'competiting' for the Best Performer 2016... 

Here we are in great company with this gentleman: Neil Kendall

Whilst the international awards were announced at the start of September on Burlesque Bible's website (visit our homepage for all international results), the British categories were announced yesterday, during a fantastic show organised by Agent Burlieque and hosted by the sexy Ruben Kaye!

Here are the results (categories voted by you): 

Best British Burlesque Performer: Bettsie BonBon
Copyright: Fotocad

Best Boylesque Performer: Dave The Bear

Best costumier: Talulah Blue
Photo by Neil Kendall

Best Photographer: Jean-Paul Bichard Photography

Best Gender Bending Performer: Rusty Von Chrome

Best Political Voice: Rubbyyy Jones
Photo by Ruth Gillson!

Best Compere: Reuben Kaye
Photo by Clive Holland

Best British Troupe: The Velvet Burlesque


Best Perfomer 2016 (voted by the panel of judges, live on the night)


3rd places: Vicky Butterfly and Marnie Scarlet
2nd place: Lilly Snatchdragons

For more photos and interviews, keep an eye on our website as we will be launching our new issue very soon...

A MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your support and your votes. Your contribution excelled our expectations and your love for the burlesque community is incredible. This 1st Annual Award was such a success that it will, of course, happen again... 

Nominations for the 2nd Annual Burlesque Awards will open on May 1st 2017!

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