Corset nail-art tutorial

Why not adding some gorgeous corsets nail art to your outfit.

They will say that you have nailed it! Well okay I stop the jokes and get on with the tutorial!

1) First, apply some top coat to all your nails. It smooths your nail and I have also noticed that it is easier to remove the nail vanish with the top coat under all layers of colours. They are more likely to come all in one go, under the water, even without nail remover.

Then paint your nails with your choice of colours. Here we painted the 2nd, 4th and 5th nails in black, the 3rd in white and we left the thumb with the top coat visible.

Lomogram_2014-02-13_11-25-53-AM (1)

Once these applied, add some more top coat. I

Make sure everything is dry before starting the next step. It all about patience.

2) Then with the brush from the white pot, apply on top of the black and with the black paint, create a triangle . Creating the triangle is not that hard. Take the brush from your black nail vanish (hoping that the brush is thick enough) and create a first diagonal \ and then a second one /. The crossover will then create a triangle.



For the thumb, I have done a kind of french manicure. Don’t be scared to go over the skin. You can still clean up afterwards.

3) It is time to draw the dots on each side to then join the laces.


Dots are so much fun to do. They are so easy too. You can either get the dotty brush from a nail art kit but I much prefer using the end of my hair clip. The glue at the end forms the perfect tool for the dots. If you want thick dots, just make sure you press enough onto the nail. If you want small dots, either press just a bit or use a small clip/tool.

Finally you just have to trace the laces from one dot to the other. Use a very thin brush for this. It also needs to be quite hard so it doesn’t bend when you do your lines. It will only be easier.

For the 3rd nail, create some buttons with the dots and make 2 tiny triangles for the bow (with the thin brush gain).

FInally I added a think line on the thumb.


And you are done! You can mix the colours and draw as many dots as you want to vary your styles.

Repeat with the other hand. Maybe swap the styles around ! You can also add some diamonds too!

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