Azure Entertainment’s Stella Hui named Optus Businesswoman of the Year 2016

The director of Subiaco-based arts and entertainment company Azure Entertainment, Stella Hui, has been named Businesswoman of the Year for 2016 at the Optus MyBusiness awards in Sydney. Azure Entertainment is a performance and entertainment company specialising in stage productions, live events, cabaret and variety shows.

Cabaret Showgirl/Modern Burlesque students performing at the annual WA Performance School production.

Home to The WA Performance School and Lady Velvet Cabaret, the company also houses a performing arts academy that nurtures the next generation of young performers and entertainers. Kinross-based entrepreneur Stella Hui, also an Optus Small Business customer, has been recognised by the awards for overcoming adversity to create one of the most successful, multicultural entertainment businesses in the industry. Stella has built her business on celebrating the diversity of her clients and embracing all walks of life through the performing arts, inspiring the judges to sit up and take notice.

“I’m honoured to win such a prestigious award and to be recognised for a business that I’ve built with passion. As an Asian female who came to Australia at the age of seven, I have experienced my fair share of discrimination, bullying and exclusion. I have been judged based on first appearances, assumptions, and ignorance, and I vowed never to display such actions in my own business. “To now be named Business Woman of the Year shows exactly just how far my team and I have come. I couldn’t be prouder,” says Stella.

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