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Do you remember, we attended one of Tutti Rouge's photoshoot last year and we got the opportunity to take a sneak peek at their new collection, including Sukki Singapora's first collection in collaboration with the brand.
As an avid Tutti Rouge lingerie fan, Sukki has fast become one of designer’s Jessica Prebble’s female muses, and in honor of this has inspired Jessica to create the Sukki Lingerie Set as part of the Tutti Rouge Autumn / Winter collection.

The Sukki-2-Style Bra RRP £39.50
offers the wearer 1 bra with 2 looks! Super sassy Sukki-2-Style is perfect when all you need both day and night is glam, glam, glam! By day worn as a 3-part padded balconette, then vamp up the volume when dusk falls with the detachable caging, inspired by the playful and glamourous performances of Sukki Singapora, the Sukki bra is laced with all of the va va voom of a Sukki Singapora show stopper look! 

The Sukki High Waist Knicker RRP £22.00 ‘Hold me Tight’ with ‘TuttiTec’, this high waisted brief will help shape and enhance your curves, as any Burlesque beauty will know a sculpted waist is an essential must!
The Sukki collection is now available online at and in selected retailers worldwide.

Looking to get some new lingerie to start 2017 with a vavavoom...? Check out Sukki's top 5 tips!

1. Fabulous lingerie is worth investing in / burn your "T-shirt" bras.
Not just for "special occasions" but for every day! Yes, the sports bra is an essential in my wardrobe, but you know what isn't? The T-shirt bra. At some point someone decided that lingerie wasn't important for making you feel sexy, as long as it had no seams so that your outerwear did all the work. Well I simply couldn't disagree more - lingerie that makes you feel good is the foundation to any sexy outfit. Nothing makes you feel more confident when getting ready than if the first layer you slip into is one which makes you feel just as on fire as the next. And yes! There are plenty of seamless, figure flattering, wonderous designs out there that create a perfect silhouette without skimping on the luxury. Every bra should be a "special occasion" bra!

2. Size labels don't matter.
Too often, buying lingerie can come with that "guilt" feeling of not "fitting" into the size you wanted, or expected, or that other people expect of you. There are two reasons why you need to stop feeling this: Firstly, sizes really don't mean anything. Not only can they vary in different brands but secondly, they absolutely should not be a measure of your self-confidence or inner sexiness. I find that the right fitting lingerie makes me feel super sexy no matter what the label says, and I always take a note from burlesque and cut all the sizes out anyway. So stop doing the label test, and start doing the mirror test - if you feel great in it, that's all that matters!

3. Big panties are better than itsy bitsy teeny bikinis.
It's why I love my Sukki lingerie set so much. I've always firmly believed that higher-waisted or fuller briefs are far sexier than teeny thongs or g-strings. They not only contain all wonders of hidden "shaping" gismos, but they also are so incredibly flattering on the figure. What's more, they're super comfy, and "comfy" doesn't have to mean "granny pants." There are loads of brands out there, including Tutti Rouge, that do the most esquisite high waisted or fuller designs. I'm obsessed.

4. Buy lingerie for yourself and not for someone else.
So you've decided that today you'll do a spot of lingerie shopping and you start to think "what will he or she or they like...?" Stop right there! Because the one thing that will make you look sexiest in your lingerie is a smile; a smile that exudes body confidence, and this isn't going to happen if you're wiggling your way into something they'd like rather than you. The sexiest you'll ever feel is when you've chosen something that you feel great in, no matter what the design. Feeling sexy for yourself will naturally make you sexy for your partner. Confidence is the sexiest asset of all!

5. Make your favourite sets last forever.
Most lingerie, including my Sukki sets, are extremely robust, but despite this, so many of us worry about wearing our favourite sets "too much" for fear of washing them over and over again or damaging them. So my last tip is an unglamourous but essential one: invest in a delicates bag for your washing machine. My favourite sets are still perfect because of them - it's no extra effort, no handwashing required, but it protects your lingerie from the force of your main garments hitting them in the wash. Or, if you want to save on pennies, putting them inside a pillowcase and then in the machine works just as well - laundered and protected! Never again will you have to worry about wearing your favourite sets every week! In the words of Harry Potter: mischief managed!
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