#BeBoldForChange - World Attempt for International Women’s Day

Burlesque Poet Attempts Balloon World Record Supported by British Business Woman Turned Philanthropist
Our Sisters – Free Burlesque Class & World Record Attempt  
Sat 11th March – 1pm – 3pm
Juju’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR

The burlesque dance school, Sapphira’s Showgirls, who set the World Record for Fastest Glove Peel Relay in 2016 is hosting a fundraiser for International Women’s Day which includes a FREE burlesque class and balloon and an attempt to a World Record for Most Balloons Popped on Burlesque Costume.

All proceeds will go to Sane, the leading UK mental health charity improving quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness - including family friends and carers.

Known for her tribute to business idol Sir Richard Branson titled My Heart Belongs To Branson, Sapphira wishes the event to acknowledge two of her biggest female role models, Dame Stephanie Shirley, a workplace revolutionary and successful IT Entrepreneur turned philanthropist and London Burlesque Academy Founder, Jo King.

‘I wrote the poem Our Sisters last year after attending a speech that Dame Stephanie gave about her life and was in awe of her courage,’ says Sapphira.

‘Hearing her talk frankly about balancing her responsibilities as a mother and entrepreneur gave me the strength to speak out about overcoming bi-polar. When I came out of psychiatric care burlesque helped me get my self-esteem back. I vowed to myself to turn a negative experience into something positive and share joy. With 10 million British women depressed about their looks, I feel International Womens’ Day provides an important moment to be #BeBoldForChange.’

Dame Stephanie endorses the event saying: ‘When I was a computer boffin in the 60’s, a woman in business was viewed as an inconvenient aberration. I had to change my name from Stephanie to Steve to get some response to my sales letters and be through the door and shaking hands before anyone realised that “he” was a “she”. '

'My software company was a social business – one of the UK’s first high-tech start-ups. People laughed because software was then given away free with the hardware; and laughed even louder at me as a woman leading a company of women, a company for women. We pioneered the concept of women going back into the workforce after a career break. Today, on International Woman’s Day, I am proud to support the Pledge for Parity. My interests have broadened from women – including gay and transgender – to include people of all races, cultures and faiths. I started work at age 18 and with an American President in his 70’s and me active in my 80’s, I ask “What is this thing called ageism?” Diversity makes such a significant difference. I wish this fundraising day all deserved success.’

The fundraising day is packed with surprises:
- POP a balloon to help set World Record for ‘Most Balloons Popped on Burlesque Costume’ 
- LEARN an easy burlesque dance in a welcoming supportive atmosphere
- HEAR an inspiring speech by Jo King on resilience
- LISTEN to a poetry reading
- WATCH a video screening Entry is free but a £2 donation is encouraged, all proceeds go to Sane. There will be a raffle on the day and an Armani pants suit donated by Dame Stephanie is up for grabs along with burlesque costume accessories and gift vouchers which have been donated from a range of businesses.

The balloons for the World Record Attempt have been donated by Party Super Stores.





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