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Free the stockings! Will a world’s first magnetic suspender belt mean a revolution in burlesque?

Imagine removing your stockings in just a split of a second without having to deal with costume malfunction? Interested? Read below.

This innovative patent-pending product was invented by a burlesque lover, three-times national chess champion and plus size model Ella Vine, with some help from a nuclear physicist. These two brains colliding resulted in the innovative NeoMagTriple™ technology.

Jack Levene, former Head of Lingerie at Marks & Spencer UK said: "The magnetic fastening on this suspender belt will be a great boon to both the user and to their partners. This is the first innovation in years, it speeds up production and makes it far easier for the user when attaching or removing from stockings."

Ella explains the idea: "For the past century women all over the world have had to put up with the hideous way a suspender belt attaches to stockings – it was difficult, time-consuming, not comfortable and worse – not always worked.

I developed a suspender belt which attaches to the stockings via special magnetic clip. It is easy, fast, safe and comfortable and takes just one second – just clip and go. I received a fantastic feedback from burlesque performers, as this opens up an exciting possibilities in burlesque, including being able to detach stockings from the suspender belt quickly and in a seductive way and to take both of them off – my burlesque friends are eager to try it!

The magnetic suspender will also make it much easier to attach the stockings, especially for women of various shapes and sizes, disabilities and health conditions etc. – I think it is a wonderful innovation embracing diversity. I am currently crowdfunding to be able to produce the magnetic suspenders and to make it a reality.’’

If you like the sound of magnetic suspenders, you can support Ella’s start up business and order the magnetic suspender belts on

The crowdfunding campaign opened on 27 July 2016 and will close on 14 September 2016.

The history of suspenders belts


Before the Victorian period, the distinctions between men and women’s undergarments were nowhere near as marked as they are today. Items to conceal the genitalia and provide warmth and protection had been worn by both sexes for centuries, as had the hose – the non-elasticated precursor of what we know today as stockings. Equally, both men and women had worn stiffened bodices which supported the back and shaped the body and tight-lacing was intermittently popular since the 16th century.

During the 1800’s there was a radical transformation of attitudes to sex, both privately and publicly. Some women wore stockings with a plain elastic garter or narrow material tied tightly, not suspenders, or by simply rolling the top of the stocking, because it seemed more practical or they could not afford classic corsetry, thus creating a kind of predecessor of the modern hold ups. This was particularly common among servants and housemaid, particularly until the mid 1920s when the more modern suspender became readily available.




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