The Folies Bergère by Paul Derval

This week's book is The Folies Bergère written by Paul Derval and publshed by Methuen and Co. in 1955.

The Folies Bergère
The Folies Bergère is a cabaret music hall, located in Paris, France. Established in 1869, the house was at the height of its fame and popularity from the 1890s' Belle Époque through the 1920s' Années folles. The institution is still in business, and is always a strong symbol of French and Parisian life.

To read everything to know about the famous music hall (in French however), visit the cabaret's website

Paul Derval
For nearly 50 years, he directed the 
The Folies Bergère, showcasing fantastic and iconic revues. He arrived in 1916 as assistant to the director Raphael Beretta. He succeeded him in 1918 and in 1924 he became owner of the theater. In 1928 he undertook significant work to expand the room with its 1700 places. Its decor then becomes Art Deco.

Did you know...?
Paul Derval managed to secretly enter the Folies Bergère when he was a young boy. He didn't then that his major career would bring him back to this same place many years later.

Whilst we are half way through reading this very exciting book, here is a review found online:
"Fascinating first hand account of running the Folies. Derval no doubt has an agenda and can be "strategically vague" but he seems generally truthful and the complexities of this vast enterprise are explored. My complaint is I particularly selected this book and paid more than other vendors were offering it for because it was advertised as having a dust jacket. It did not have one."

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