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Lynn Ruth Miller is our proof that age is just a number

Age is just a number Burlesue Interview Ruth Lynn Miller

‘Age is just a number’ is an everyday saying, but do we really believe it? Society holds a negative stigma regarding age differences, which causes people to obsess over it, and, that is why when we see a new opportunity we like the look of, instead of ceasing it, we run...

Interview preview with Perle Noire` - NEW ISSUE

Burlesque Bible Interview Perle Noire

What is it that you love most about burlesque? I LOVE BURLESQUE because it can be a cathartic healing experience. I LOVE BURLESQUE because there are no limitations to the presentation of your artistry. I LOVE BURLESQUE because you can be a gift to someone.   Our readers look up...

Interview with Heidi Bang Tidy, Hebden Bridge Festival's co-producer

Burlesque Awards Burlesque Show Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Heidi Bang Tidy Interview Lady Wildflower

How important is it to be recognised by the burlesque community for what you do? Very, very important. We designed Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival to be a festival for the burlesque community as much as for our non-performing audience members. We know that every year, artists who aren’t performing at...

Interview with Perle Noire, International Burlesque Performer Nominee

Burlesque Awards Interview Perle Noire

Are you surprised to have been nominated? I was most certainly surprised to be nominated! I am honored, and happy to have so much love and support from the burlesque community. How important is it to be recognised by the burlesque community for what you do? I feel as though...

Interview preview with the legendary Tempest Storm

Burlesque Bible Interview Tempest Storm

To read the full interview, get the latest Burlesque Bible issue (Volume 13)

Neil Kendall and the burlesque Legacy

Burlesque Bible Burlesque Museum Diane Ross Interview Lady Godiva Neil Kendall Striptease Museum Video

Burlesque Bible visits the pop-up museum of Striptease at the Big Burlesque Event 2015 and Interviewed Neil Kendall, the owner of the museum. Neil, professional photographer,  has a collection of over 1000 items of burlesque and strip tease memorabilia house in a private museum, aiming to preserve the history of striptease and to provide a...

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